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Nekodomia :The world of Neko 

Who has never dreamed of inventing a life full of adventure and mystery?

Who has never dreamed of exploring unknown horizons and meeting,

at the bend of a strange path, a fabulous destiny?

Enter Nékodomia and through projects as fabulous as they are varied,

explore its corners and become an inhabitant of this strange and fascinating world.

In a few words...

Nekonomia is a collection of projects with a varied medium, both digital and physical. Through narration and enchanting visuals, you will discover places, lives that will make you dream and inspire you to change yours.

Our beliefs

Curiosity, respect for everyone and for nature and a certain sense of adventure are the founders of this project. They are there to highlight the value of the work of artists and the importance of sustainable production.

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Nekodomia and Me

Thanks to your participation and your support, Nékodomia will come to life before your eyes in a careful narration and enchanting visuals.

As you explore, you will discover the places and characters that make up this beautiful universe and you will have the opportunity to become a citizen of Nékodomia, by creating your character and by making him live a fabulous fate.


The comics


The Strange Fate
Miss Neko

Pitch: Emma Néko is a very busy woman. mother of 7 kittens as cute as they are rambunctious, Emma tries to juggle her job at the factory at night, her job as a housekeeper during the day, and Magica classes that she tries to take in her free time

This 2 volume comic book project takes you into the daily life of a family who lives in Nekodomia. Among the little hassles of everyday life, magic, poetry, mystery and tenderness, this story speaks to all sensitive hearts.


Surrounded by Ni, Ichi, San, Nana, Yon, Go and Roku, Emma, brave mother, tries to survive, while waiting for her husband to return from the war…

Neko's workshop


Take part in the creation of Nekodomia in Neko's workshop.

You will find there articlestutorials, illustrations and comic pages previews as well as preparatory sketches, and many more exclusive content!


Support the creation of Nekodomia in your own way, by choosing among the

 4 levels of The Workshop


The subscription

The level of


For the curious who wish to discover Nekodomia with exclusive digital content

The level of


For illustration lovers. cards, ex-librisstickers and more, will arrive at your door every month.

The level of


For creative adventurers. Download activities and coloring pages for the whole family.

The level of 


For artists looking for mentoring to help them start or push their artistic adventure.

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To be continued…

 Upcoming projects



. children's book


. Cooking book


. Roleplay


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